Apunto is a website that aims to make the process of finding and booking barbers easy. Developed as part of a course in system development, with the primary goal of using agile methodologies like scrum in a development process.

About the website

Apunto is a website that aims to streamline the process of finding and comparing barbers close to the user’s location. The website offers two different methods to do this.

The first method works by showing all the barbers within the predefined distances. When the user clicks on one of the buttons, e.g., 400m, all the barbers within that distance will be shown below. The barbers are displayed as cards, each with their picture, price range and address.

The second method employs a map that automatically centers on the user’s location, provided geolocation is enabled in the browser. Right above the map, there is a slider that controls the radius of the circle on the map. The primary purpose of this method was to give the user a map overview and the ability to show all the available barbers within the chosen radius on the map.

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