Red Running Hood

Red Running Hood is a 2D side-scrolling game developed as a group project consisting of four students for the final exam in a course called applied programming. The game was created using the Phaser 3 JavaScript game framework. 

About the game

The game’s objective is to help the character, Red Running Hood, reach the door at the end of each level by using the arrow keys to run and jump.

The game consists of three levels, each increasing in difficulty, with different obstacles and challenges to overcome. The player has ten lives to complete all the levels, and if they lose all their lives, they have to start from the beginning of the game. To motivate players to improve their skills and beat their own record, the game also includes a high-score system that saves the player’s fastest time to complete all three levels. 

What I gained

Developing a game like Red Running Hood using Phaser 3 taught me various concepts in programming, game development and UI/UX design. 

It required me to have solid programming skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and experience in object-oriented programing concepts like classes, objects and inheritance. Developing the game also taught me game development principles such as sprite animation, collision detection and sound integration. The hands-on experience enhanced my understanding of the importance of user involvement in all development stages. User input and feedback greatly influenced and improved the game’s look, feel and features, leading to a better overall user experience. 

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