Mindful Streaming

This project was part of an interaction and service design course. The project’s main objective was to get hands-on experience making a concept video for a product, service or application based on design thinking methodologies.

The process


We used the double-diamond framework for our process and utilised IDEO’s method cards as inspiration for how to handle different parts of the design process. 

Problem: People are unaware of the impact data centers have on carbon emissions and the effect the use of digital services can have on the environment.       

Initial design challenge: Design something that gives people an overview of their data consumption’s carbon footprint.

My role

Even though all team members were involved in most parts of the process, I was particularly involved in designing and developing the probe study. This includes what the probe tasks should be, their purpose and their look and feel. I was involved in the production of the storyboard. This includes producing the narrative and drawing out the storyboard based on findings from the probe returns. In the development phase, I took the lead in producing the experience prototype based on the paper prototype using wireframing software. Lastly, due to covid, we had to digitalise most of our work boards, project materials and drawings. Here I had a significant role in digitalising, organising, and preparing our materials for a virtual presentation.   

Highlights from the different phases

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