About my educational background

BA in Information studies, IT and interaction design

While obtaining my bachelor’s degree in information studies, IT and interaction design, I was instantly fascinated and drawn towards the importance and impact of understanding human behaviour and its influences on the user experience when developing digital and physical products and services.

My bachelor’s degree has given me tools, knowledge and skills that have broadened my perspective on how I see and perceive my everyday life as a user of multiple digital and physical products and services. I am always delighted when encountering particular products and services that give me a good user experience (arguably, some of them go unnoticed) and curious about those who do not. I always find myself questioning what about those experiences invoked a particular feeling, either positive or negative, and I get the urge to investigate what is good about them or what could be improved.

My skill set

  • I have research and analytical skills in human communication and interaction, including multimodal meaning-making resources.
  • I can analyse and describe social and human-computer interactions using ethnographic research methods and design and evaluate user interfaces based on findings.
  • I am skilled in design thinking, project management, and agile development.
  • I gained hands-on experience with user-centred problem-solving through fieldwork, user research, conceptualisation, and prototyping.
  • I am proficient in designing and programming websites, games, and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development.


2024 - Present

University of Southern Denmark · Part time


2015 - 2018 · 3 yrs.

Regnbuen-vestermarken BH · Part time

KINDERGARTEN teachers assistant

2014 - 2015 · 1 yr.

Odense · Part time

KINDERGARTEN substitute teacher

jan. 2014 - dec. 2014 · 1 yr.
Faaborg Juniorklub · Part time

leisure time teachers assistant

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